Music For Life

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves through this website. 
It's possible that you might still have questions.  If you don't find your answers here, please contact us and we'll get you the answers you need!

  • What is Music for Life?

    The roots of Suite Elegance are planted in a high school music program more than 30 years ago where a bunch of kids grew up with a passion for performance.  After graduation, life happened and took those kids in every direction both professionally and personally.  It didn't take long, however, before the common vein of music brought them back together and Suite Elegance was born.  One ensemble became several, and over the years artists, DJs, and photobooths were added to both accentuate and capture every significant life moment. 

    For us, this IS Music for Life!

  • What is Your Booking Process?

    1. Discuss and coordinate your entertainment needs with our Booking Manager.

    2. An email Performance Agreement will be created for your review.  Once approved, you can digitally sign it to start our booking process.

    3. Secure your musicians and entertainment services with a 50% Non-Refundable Security Deposit.

    4. Utilize our cloud-based planning system to plan every detail to your expectations.  We are available every step of the way if you should need any assistance!

    5. 30-days prior to your event, our system locks down to ensure that our team has plenty of time to review and prepare for your specific event.  Around this time, someone from your entertainment team will be in contact with you to confirm and ask questions if necessary.

    6. Your balance is due 10-days prior to your event and can be paid online for your convenience.

    7. Relax!  Let us perform for you!

  • Do You Attend Wedding Rehearsals?

    No.  Over 25 years, we have finely tuned our process so that it is not necessary for musicians to attend rehearsal.  In truth, having musicians at rehearsal adds one more distraction to what the rehearsal is supposed to be all about:  it is not the 'job' of the wedding party to follow music, but the musician's job to follow the Bride and Groom!  This is where 25+ years of experience and having an in-house wedding coordinator set us apart from other ceremony musicians.  Having a conversational and thorough cloud-based planner allows us to collect every detail necessary to ensure complete compliance with every wish and need.  We do require about 5-minutes the day of the wedding with the site-coordinator or officiant to confirm all of the information given to us and establish sightlines for cues.  Of course, if you feel your situation is unique, we are happy to discuss it further and tailor our services accordingly! 

  • Are you an Agency?

    No.  All members of Suite Elegance Entertainment have been hand-picked to fill our own ensembles and other performance services.  By the very nature of artists/entertainers, we are all Free-Lance Independent Contractors, but Suite Elegance does not function as an Agency on any level.  The established ensembles and services we offer are unique to Suite Elegance and designed to meet our rigorous standards.  While you may find our team members working elsewhere from time to time, our ensembles and other performance services are unique to Suite Elegance Entertainment.

  • Is Set-up/Tear-Down included in your rates?

    Set-Up and Tear-Down is in included in our rates unless there are extenuating circumstances, in which situation, this will be spelled out in our Agreement.  We book "Performance Time", which is the actual time that we are prepared to perform - set-up and tear-down happen outside of this unless the performance finishes early for any reason.

  • What is Your Standard Performance Attire?

    Standard Performance Attire is monotone black with some possible colored accents.  We do not, typically, wear tuxedos or formal wear.  Our team members always dress appropriately for every event, however weather, season and temperature may dictate style for comfort and performance-ability.

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