Frequently Asked Questions

This page will be updated frequently - check back for new information!

Musical Entertainment

Will you perform outside?

Yes!  The bulk of our performances are, actually, outside during the summer months.  We, like most professional musicians, have valuable instruments, so we do have some stipulations for outdoor performances:

  • Our instruments prefer temperatures in a range of 70-90F for optimal performance.
  • We absolutely will not play in the rain, and need to be sheltered from wind and sun as much as possible.

If a performance site falls outside of these parameters, our musicians will advise you regarding how the performance may be compromised, and may recommend that you consider 'plan b' (required when you book).  If you feel that is not an option for you, the musicians do reserve the right to decline the performance.  Please rest assured - this is an extreme situation, and in more than 20 years of experience, we have yet to refuse to perform as long as accommodations are made.  In all of those years, we have only needed to recommend a 'plan b' option 3 times.  There are more details available on our Performance Agreement, and we encourage every client to make sure they understand.  We want to ensure that every performance is perfect - and that you are perfectly happy with it!

How do I decide which ensemble to pick?

We recommend that you consider the following facets of your event when choosing a proper ensemble:

  • Inside or outside?
    • Indoor performances can typically utilize a smaller ensemble because the instruments are inside a structure that contains their sound.
    • Outdoor performances do not, typically, have an enclosure to hold sound.  Volume is not, usually, a concern for us, but a 'thinner' ensemble will sound even more so outside as some of the sound will be lost.
  • Number of guests, or size of venue?
    • Textiles and bodies tend to soak up sound.  We recommend that you consider a larger ensemble if you have a larger space to fill or if you are planning to have a lot of guests so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful music.
  • Style of music (genre)?
    • Not all ensembles are suitable for contemporary or classical music.  All of the Suite Elegance Entertainment ensembles are well versed in both.  That being said, if you are planning for a heavy contemporary repertoire, we recommend the diversity that comes with a guitar ensemble:
      • flute/violin with guitar
      • flute/violin, guitar and cello
      • flute/2 violins, guitar and cello
  • Personal preference?
    • Some folks are in love with the idea of having traditional strings, some folks love the light, airy sound of flute, and some folks like the uniqueness that classical guitar brings to the mix - we've got something for everyone!

Visual Artist Entertainment

What is a Visual Artist Entertainer?

Visual art is everywhere in our modern lives - so is music in the rhythm of life.  A Visual Artist Entertainer brings visual art to life by using it as a way to engage guests at an event.  Suite Elegance Entertainment offers both Caricature Artists - traditional and speed-sketches - and Silhouette Artists 'in house'.  Both are great options to create a lasting memory for your guests, as well as a unique memento from your special event!  

What do I need to provide for my Visual Artist?

We bring our own equipment for the most part.  Our Silhouette Artists will require 2 comfortable chairs, and so will our classical Caricature Artists.  Our strolling Artists do no need anything extra for their performance.