It is all about the music of our lives...

Suite Elegance was originally created from a trio of high school orchestra friends hailing from Lake Local Schools in Uniontown, Ohio. Originally part of a small select ensemble known as Suite Serenades, these 3 ladies began playing together in 1987 and grew up - both literally and musically - from their earliest starts. Their director fostered a disciplined passion for performing in intimate venues for parties, weddings, dinners, Christmas festivities, and dedications with many wonderful opportunities to perform together throughout the year.

After graduation, all three friends went different directions with their lives. Two went on to college and one stayed behind to start a new life with her sweetheart. Degrees were had and marriages made and 1994 brought all three ladies back to town to resume where they had left off in their desire to perform locally. Suite Elegance was born in 1995, and it wasn't long before they were on their way to building a successful client base and gig calendar in the greater Akron-Canton area.

The years since have seen many evolutions in this ensemble. As of 2015, two of the remaining three members still perform actively with the group, and Suite Elegance has grown to include flute, viola, two classical guitars, and several violins and cellos. In 2015, Suite Elegance added visual arts entertainers for the first time, and officially saw the name evolve into 'Suite Elegance Entertainment' in anticipation of continued growth and offerings in the years to come.  Through it all, Suite Elegance still prides itself in being as flexible as every occasion - and budget - dictates, as well as being professional in all aspects of musicianship and business. Each musician and artist entertainer brings a lifetime of experiences to the group, and all have established successful lives and careers within this community beyond Suite Elegance. But the passion to share the music that unites us and colors every aspect of our lives still remains an unquenchable flame.

While some of us are teachers, some of us are students; some are active in civic organizations, some of us are involved in family obligations; some of us have music degrees, and some of us do not. We all freelance professionally, but we find our greatest joy to be in performing together as Suite Elegance and giving our greatest performances to you, our prospective client.

Located conveniently between Akron and Canton -
proudly serving
Northeastern Ohio!

No travel or mileage fees with 25 miles of 44685 - encompassing most of Stark, Summit, and Portage Counties.